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7:31 AM 5/26/2024

Call Sri Lanka and foreign countries through your land line, Smartphone or through public phones to get clear and cheap priced calls. Simple cell phones and Smartphones can also be used to make IDD calls with your call minutes. But the call rates may be slightly higher than those from a landline phone. Additionally, Smartphones with IM Apps enable free calls between friends and offers affordable calls via the VoIP service of the call app. You must pay a little fee to the provider in order to obtain this service. Calls from a landline to another landline are less expensive than calls from a landline to a mobile phone or a cell phone to a landline. Additionally, VoIP over the Internet or with a mobile data plan enables you to make less expensive international calls at any time of the day. IDD calls are offered by Sri Lankan phone providers to all countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea and India. From a landline or mobile phone, simply dial the desired IDD code, followed by the city code and the customer's phone number. The best option is to use the inexpensive call-making IM feature on your Smartphone. The least expensive way to call someone using your mobile data plan is this. It is free if the person has the same IM installed on his device; otherwise, purchase call minutes from the IM provider. When compared to the standard phone call cost of an IDD call, this VoIP call is so cheap and affordable. one

Take note that some countries don't allow VoIP and IM (Viber, WhatsApp, Skype) App Calls from their countries. And also those authorities don't allow incoming calls through these Apps. But in those countries some local IM Apps are available for to make calls to over seascountries. So the person there and the person in Sri Lanka must install that App and need to be friends in that App to make FREE calls through it.

Type of Phone Calls Sri Lanka is Offering.

In Sri Lanka Land Line calls offer IDD, Operator assisted calls, collect calls. Also can dial from a public phone booths using phone card and coins. Permit holders can use Satellite phones in Sri Lanka to make calls and to receive phone calls. Mobile phone calls can be made directly made under local carrier number or through foreign number in the roaming mode. Internet based VoIP calls is cheaper than direct phone lines and mobile phone call price. Internet connected PC, Smartphone and Tablets are good to make calls through the available Messenger Apps. In Sri Lanka people can visit to any of the Government post office to place IDD calls and collect calls through the post office staff. Once the call is finished, the staff will tell you the calls charges. Also Sri Lanka companies are using VoIP system for incoming and out going calls. In most of the communication centers in Sri Lanka they have public phone booths. Once you had finished the call you can pay at the counter.

Who are making calls to Sri Lanka?

Expatriate Sri Lankans workers in Middle East and South Korea are the people who used to make large number of phone calls to their homes in Sri Lanka.
Business people from China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia and America used to place phone calls to their business partners in Sri Lanka. Most of them use direct lines while many of them use the latest VoIP Phone system to make calls here.

Making calls through VoIP.

VoIP calls through devices that are connected to the internet are good for this purpose. This is the cheapest way to make your international phone conversations. People are traveling all over the world on holiday packages, tours, visiting relatives, temporarily working in foreign lands, doing business all over the world. Also getting higher education in a developed country and there are officials assigned on diplomatic mission jobs. These people can buy phone cards to make IDD calls and throw away the cards after finishing the amount in the card or re-load them for feature use. Or can dial to their home land through the data plan of their hand held devices. Some countries including UAE don't allow the VoIP calls to and from their countries. So if you are visiting one of those countries find alternative ways to make and receive calls.

Depending on the living standard, distance between the destinations, the type of calls and the caller's local time may give you high priced or low priced calls. It is better to get the correct information and tariff from the operator before you make any overseas calls from your land line. Specially mobile phone to land phone call tariffs are very high when talking through different phone service providers When you are abroad use the coin operated phone on holidays as it is cheaper to make overseas call. Sundays and Holidays. This public phone will provide cheap phone calls to any destination through its land line.

Below you can find links for more information on calling methods for countries with their country code (IDD), city code etc.

SLTMobitel - Sri Lanka.

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A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.