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5:08 AM 11/16/2023

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Call UAE from Sri Lanka through land line for better call rates and clear sound on both sides. Lot of workers are now going to UAE from Sri Lanka to make their homes happy with their earned salary. On the other hand they want to keep their links with their homes. So they used to call from their while their family members too used to make calls to them from here.UAE is located in the Middle East and it is one the country that allows calls to Sri Lanka or getting calls from Sri Lanka. Lot of Sri Lanka born people are working in the UAE in the labor sector and management sector of that country. Many of them are Female domestic helpers while a lot of male workers too are working as laborers in the UAE. On the other hand a lot of Sri Lankan business men are having their offices over there.

Call UAE from Canada and USA? Dial 011 971 followed by the phone number.
Make Calls to Sri Lanka from UAE - Dial 0094 followed by the area code and phone number. (Sri Lanka Mobile phones don't have area codes.)

How to call India from UAE? Dial 00 91 followed by the India city code and the phone number.

Some Sri Lanka born real estate business people are heavily investing in the UAE real estate sector. These kind of people are calling back home from UAE and are getting calls from their homes and offices in the UAE too. Rich people living here are having their roaming enabled Smartphones to call at cheaper call rates. While most of the low income people are looking for cheaper calling cards to call back their homes on their holidays. For quick access many of the rich people use to have satellite mobile phones in their luxury vehicles. These are good to make calls even from desert areas. Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladesh country people are too staying here. So there used to be lot of IDD calls being dialed to these countries using phone cards.

UAE had became as the first choice of Sri Lanka people. This is for those who want to work or obtain foreign employments with hand full of salary. Most of the Sri Lanka youth travel over to UAE to find jobs by travelling with Tourist Visas. In the meantime, Sri lanka Government is advising its youth not to travel with tourist visas for to search for jobs overseas.

UAE peak hours 07.00 to 14.00 and 16.00 to 21.00.

Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE Public Holidays here

Important Notice.
From 2021 onwards, UAE’s regulatory framework had banned the VoIP internet phone calls and IM calls through Viber, WhatsApp and Skype Apps. So many low salary makers in the UAE are struggling to call back their homes at affordable prices. In the beginning they banned the VoIP websites and later they had stopped the dialer downloading and the dialer login too. So there is no Skype like IM calls for you. But people are finding other ways to use VoIP phone in the UAE. VoIP apps available to use in Dubai and the UAE are here.

  • BOTM
  • VOICO,
  • ZOOM,

Both of these are paid for services offered by du and Etisalat carriers. ToTok is another free app which offers video calls to UAE users. So to use these Apps UAE Residents must Download the Apps. Then must login and verify their phone numbers. After this they can call through this APPs to their friends and relatives.

Sri Lanka workers who are in UAE can call their home via the SLT phones from U.A.E the access number is 800 11 94 provided by ETISALAT, UAE. The receivers’ phone will be charged as the call originated from Sri Lanka if he/she accepts the incoming calls in Sri Lanka. This mode of calls is called as collect - call. Most of the collect calls are made to the USA.

IDD Calls.

IDD Calls to UAE may be charged around Rs 20/- to Rs 25/- per minute depending on the package of the SLT phone owner have signed for.
Calls from UAE are cheaper on Fridays while calls from Sri Lanka on Poya Days are cheap one.
Lot of phone calls is originating from UAE to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Philippines. Because there is lot of foreign workers are working in this land.

Meanwhile Etisalat and DU, the two telephone operators in the UAE are Apps to their country people.

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Etisalat UAE.

DU Mobile plans.

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.