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5:10 AM 10/20/2023

Call Switzerland to catch with your friends, family members and Business partners through land lines and through Mobile phones. From Sri Lanka you can call Switzerland phones very easily and at cheap price. Switzerland is one of the richest nation in the world which is located in the European continent. It is popular for its secreat International Banking System with the worldwide richest people. In addition this is a well developed nation with multi language usage. Lot of Sri Lanka Tamil people are living here as it is their new home. Switzerland's economy benefits from a highly developed service sector, led by financial services and International Banking system for the Rich people. Furthermore finely crafted expensive Swiss watches are selling all over the world from the popular Swiss watch manufacturers. Alps region is one of their Tourism Industry thriving area where Skiers from all over the world used gather for the Winter Sking Season.This sport is one of the top attractions of this beautiful country. Currently people are using their Smartphones to make cheaper calls using their Mobile Data Plan and IM Apps. Specially the WhatsApp App is the popular one in most part of the world to make free calls including video calls.

Switzerland IDDPhone Code: 0041 / (+41)

To call a Switzerland phone number whether it is a land line or a mobile phone number.first dial 00 then dial 41 (this is the country code for Switzerland) then select the city code and dial.the customer's number. Never use 0 from the mobile phone number after the IDD number. To call Switzerland from Sri Lanka dial 0041 city code and the phone number.
Call Sri Lanka from Switzerland by dialing 0094 or +94 followed by city code, customer's phone number. When calling Sri Lanka Mobilephones dial +94 followed by mobile phone number without the 0 in the front. Now people are using WhatsApp to call Sri Lanka and Switzerland friends with small Mobile Data palan charge. Meanwhile larger corporate companies are using VoIP service for their international communication purpose.

How to call Switzerland from the United States?
With the Land Phone Dial 011 - 41 - Area Code - Land Phone Number
For to call Mobile phone dial 011 - 41 - 12 Digit Mobile Number

Calling USA From Switzerland.
Dial 001 - Area Code - Land Phone Number
For mobile phone dial 001 - 10 Digit Mobile Number

Local Time in Bern, Switzerland now.

Check Switzerland public holidays here

City Code
Baden 56
Basel 61
Bern 31
Davos 83
Fribourg 37
Geneva 22
Interlaken 36
Lausanne 21
Lucerne 41
Lugano 91
Montreux 21
Neuchatel 38
St. Gallen 71
St. Moritz 82
Winterthur 52
Zurich 1

Switzerland Cellphone Service providers (Carrier) List.

076 Mobile phone Sunrise
077 Mobile phone "fr:Natel C"
078 Mobile phone Orange
079 Mobile phone Swisscom

Official Phone Directoryof Switzerland. Here

How to find a person? Here.

Call Switzerland

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.