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5:18 PM 11/17/2023

Call UK easily with the modern day Smartphones and through VoIP technology. Lot of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and West Indies origin people are living in the UK.So there used to originate lot of phone calls to and from these people in UK. Millions of phones calls are placed specially during the Holidays people used to call back their relatives. Traditional land lines used to give clear call reception on both sides if.

In this page you can find information on how to call UK. This information will be useful to tourists, students, visitors, overseas workers and diplomats who used to visit there. If you are calling from Sri Lanka, this will be an international call as UK is another country. First dial the 00 or + then dial 44 the UK's international dial code then dial the city code number followed by the subscribers number. To call a UK mobile phone number first dial +44 and simply dial the mobile phone numbers following it as there are no city code for mobile phones. In addition there are many Call Centers are operating in Sri Lanka for the UK Companie's customers. These call centers used to train people to answer for their clients in UK English Accesnt.

Call Sri Lanka from UK, dial 0094, city code, and the subscriber’s number.
Calling UK from the U.S.A you have to dial like this 0114420********** if the city is London.
To Call USA from UK start with 001 followed by the city code and the numbers
If you are calling UK from another country use +44 or want to call UK then check in this website page and select the country and get the code number.
When using phonecard to call UK, then follow the phone card provider’s instructions.

During Christmas and New Year Holidays lot of phone calls used to originate to Sri Lanka from UK. Likewise lot of calls used to originate from Sri Lanka to UK residents. Because lot of Sri Lankan's had choosen UK as their new home.

Visiting Sri Lanka from UK?
In this year 2023, Sri Lanka had opened its door to the tourists from the UK and from all over the world. They can move freely to any part of Sri Lanka. It is not necessary to use face mask while you are visiting here. Tourists are allowed to use public Trains, Bus and other travel modes. On your arrival it is better to buy a Sri Lanka SIM card for your Smartphone at the airport. This will allow you to save lots of money on overseas phone calls while you are here. You can achieve it through the local Mobile Data plan too.

Want to call London city in UK? You have to dial 0044 20 **********.
When dialing international number, don’t use 0 in the front of the city code or in front of the mobile phone number.

Making international from your home phone or public phones will provide good quality sound with average call rate per minute.
International calls made from your PC using VoIP calls will be very cheap.

Making a direct overseas call through a mobile phone is expensive, while calling from any phone to mobile phone will also be an expensive one. To make foreign country calls if it is possible avoid calling directly from mobile phones and avoid calling mobile phones too as these calls may produce expensive call charges.

Best way to call UK.

In this modern day get a Smartphone and install Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and Snapchat Apps from the App store. Normally they are free to download and install in your Smartphone. Some of them offer to buy call minutes to call people don't have these Apps in thier phones.
Create your own account in these applications with your phone number or just agree to their conditions. Then invite your friends to it through your Gmail account. Once they had accepted your invitations you will see them in the contact list. If they are online, then you can call them using your data plan from any part of the world. If you have access to Wi-Fi in your home, then you will not spend any money for the mobile data plan.

Buy some call minutes from any VoiP service provider (eg: Skype or Viber) using your plastic card. With this call minutes you can make cheap calls to people living in the UK under this call plan, even if the person don't have a Smartphone or is not connected to the internet.

How to find a person living / staying in the UK?

People Search at - the largest people finder in the UK.

Phone Book from BT to find contact details of businesses and people in UK

United Kingdom White Pages Directory.

UK Online Phone Directories

Find a person in Sri Lanka.

Mobile phone operators in UK

  • BT Mobile
  • EasyMobile
  • O2 UK
  • Orange UK
  • T-Mobile UK
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodafone Ireland
  • Vodafone UK

Capital City of UK: London
UK cities and their phone code numbers

Current Time in United Kingdom

UK public holidays here

Sri Lanka Embassy in UK.

Address: High Commission of Sri Lanka
No.13, Hyde Park Gardens,
London W2 2LU,
United Kingdom.
Telephone: 020 7262 1841-6
Fax: 020 7262 7970

VFS Global UK Tis is the Visa Application Center in Colombo Website :

UK High Commission in Sri Lanka.

Address: British High Commission,
389 Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo - 07,
Sri Lanka.
Telephone: 0094 11 5390639
Fax: 0094 11 8390694

Call UK

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.