Sri Lanka Phone Directory.

7:15 AM 2/11/2024

Sri Lanka Phone Directory for the year 2022 is is still not available as Print version. Usually the print version is being distributed free to the SLT Telecom customers through their regional offices. Sri Lanka Residential Telephone directory is available in the internet too through the SLT's official website. This Sri Lanka telephone directory is available in CD format too to view through Computer or Laptop. Phone Directory in a CD is available for sale from the SLT Telecom offices during the office hours. This Directory CD provides reverse search facility too for the user. Sri Lanka Phone Directory offers SLT fixed lines and SLT CDMA phone users name list with numbers and their addresses. They will provide the land phone owners name, and the address of the phone owner, district wise. Sri Lankan phone directories are good for you, if you are looking for contact details of a person living in Sri Lanka or a Business, if they have a land line connection or CDMA connection under the company's name. It contains around 767,000 registered users’ details. SLT also offers Yellow Pages service with paid commercial advertisements that will be included in all the media versions.

2024 Sri Lanka Telephone Directory: Top telephone service provider SLT still has not published their print version phone directory for the year 2024. This may be due to current economical Situation in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile up dated electronic version of the SLT phone directory is can be accessed through online SLTMobitel website. It provides details of the SLT Land Line customers and Official Government Departments phone numbers and addresses. It is better to keep your old SLT phone directory with you till you get the new book. Please check with your SLTMobitel Branch or office.

Who used to publish this phone Directory?
It is published by the SLT - the Telecom, Sri Lanka.

How much is the price and who can get it?
It is provided free of charge for the SLT customers.

Will there be a 2023 Phone Directory?
Due to current economical situation, SLT may not print the paper version of the phone directory. Use the phone directory in the Internet

SLT Telecom Hotline: 1212
National directory service phone number: 1212
Official Name of the Sri Lanka Telephone Directory: Sri Lanka Telecom National Telephone Directory.

Following Sections are available in the 2021 SLT Telephone Directory.

  • Information pages.
  • Religious Pages.
  • Government Pages.
  • Organizations Pages.

  • Most of the Sri Lanka people living outside of Sri Lanka used to search for their friends relatives through the online SLT Residence directory. Nearly all the people in towns have SLT phone lines. So their names and addresses can be found in the Residence Phone Directory. Meanwhile fixed line users numbers are declining in Sri Lanka. For instance in the year 2009 there were 3.4 Million land line users and in the year 2018 it has declined to 2.4 million users. On the other hand mobile phone user's numbers in 2017 was 14.2 million and in 2018 it surged to 32.5 million.

    Land lines and the CDMA phone line provider Sri Lanka Telecom is the biggest company with lot of subscribers. They offer their telephone directories in print media, CD and in the internet as searchable directory. Their phone directory and rainbow pages are very popular with the local public. Also there is Lankabell telephone directory too available for the CDMA phones in paper and searchable directory in the internet. No charge will apply to use these online directories in the website from any part of the world.

    Sri Lanka Mobile Phone Directory.

    Sri Lanka Mobile phone Directory is NOT available. So don't search for Sri Lanka Mobile phone or Cell phone directory unless they are published by the mobile phone owner in the Internet. As of June 2020, there are around 27,679,000 mobile phone users in Sri Lanka after removing out the phones which didn't had IMEI numbers.
    Nearly five numbers of mobile phone carriers in Sri Lanka with around 20 million users. These mobile phone carriers don't provide any kind of information about their registered users. So don't look for the mobile phone users' information in Sri Lanka as there is no mobile phone user's directory in the paper or in the internet. It is against the LAW to hide caller ID in the mobile phone according to the Sri Lanka law.

    Here are some links to Sri Lanka phone directories provided for you to get information from call lanka website.

    • Telecom (SLT) Residential (Personal) Phone Directory
      Rainbow pages SLT is the No 1 directory service provider in Sri Lanka and the undisputed market leader with a clear number of clients.
    • Lanka Bell Phone directory
      Lanka Bell offers its own phone directory.

    International Phone Directories.

    Sri Lanka Mobile phone service providers (Carriers): Dialog, Mobitel, Airtel and Hutch.
    In Sri Lanka, Mobile phone service providers don't have their Mobile Phone User's Directory.

    A Note to you

    Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

    International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.