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6:37 AM 5/7/2023

Call South Korea from any part of the world using Smartphone App to get low priced calls using your Mobile Data Plan. For example if you and the person in South Korea have WhatsApp in the Smartphone then the call can be made through your mobile data plan. Both of you must be in the contact list in your Smartphones required IM. So these kinds of call will cost you very few cents. Also this WhatsApp call can be made as a Video call and that will use more of your mobile Data plan. Lots of Sri Lankan workers are living and working in S. Korea for to earn high salary. To get one of this job offers in South Korea, Sri Lankans need to get Korean language training and to pass the Korean Language examinations held here annually. This examination is held by Government officials to send well trained work force from Sri Lanka to South Korea. In this year 2022 too lot of Sri Lanka workers had left to S.Korea on job offers.Most of these workers used to call back their homes while they look for ways to save money on their phone calls. They are always in the lookout for cheap call providers list and cheap phone cards or calling cards. These workers main aim is to work and save some money and to come back to their homes in their country. In this year 2022 lot of youngsters from Sri Lanka did went to S.Korea under the job offer from South Korea Government.

Sri Lanka people must learn about calling South Korea land lines and mobile phones. This is because lot of local people are going to South Korea for jobs. So you may want to call them as some of them may be your friends or family members. Any how the WhatsApp connected people can call them in South Korea, if both parties are connected via the internet or data plan. A green notification in the WhatsApp will indicate when your friends are online in the Smartphone. Even if they are not connected to the Internet, you can send any message and it will show to them when they arecoming online.

International calls (IDD) from USA and Canada to South Korea.
Dial 011 + (82) + (city code) + (local phone number)
Call Korea from Sri Lanka: 0082 + city code (or mobile phone number) + local phone number.
When making International calls from South Korea: 001 - 002 country code area code then the local phone number.

Call Sri Lanka from South Korea. (IDD Call).
To land line: 001 - 002 - 94 - city code - land phone number
To cell phone: 001 - 002 - 94 - Mobile phone number without the front zero of the mobile phonenumber.

Person in South Korea if got a Smartphone, and Apps like Viber, Skype or WhatsApp, can call their homes in Sri Lanka through any of these Apps, if his house too got a Smartphone and any of the related App. It is not necessary to have Internet in their homes. Just their phone Data plan is enough for them to make cheap calls between them. It is necessary for both parties must have Smartphones, related Apps Installed in the phone and must have switched on mobile Data plan for to make free calls. If their home doesn’t have Smartphone or ADSL, the person in South Korea can buy call credit from Skype like Apps to make calls to home. ┬áIn Sri Lanka Dialog offers monthly call plan with mobile phone data for Rs 345, Mobitel offer is Rs 240/- and the offer comes from Airtel is Rs 399/-.

Mobile phone service providers in South Korea.
SK Telecom Co.
KTF Co. Ltd.
LG Telecom Ltd

Land line phone service providers: Korea Telecom and Hanaro Telecom

City Code
Anyang 31
Osan 31
Chunchon 33
Pohang 54
Chungju 43
Pusan 51
Ichon 31
Seoul 2
Incheon 32
Suwon 31
Kumi 54
Taegu 53
Kwangju 62
Uijongbu 31
Masan 55
Wonju 33

Sri Lanka is 3:30 hours behind the South Korea time.
10:00 AM in South Korea is 06:30 AM in Sri Lanka.

Local time in South Korea

South Korea Public Holidays here.

Sri Lanka Diplomatic Mission in South Korea
Embassy of Sri Lanka
347-359 Shindang - Dong,
Jung - Gu,
Seoul 100-450,
Republic of Korea.
Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Saturday: 2.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Telephone: + 82-2-735-2966
+ 82-2-735-2967
+ 82-2-794-2968
Fax: + 82-2-737-9577
Web Site:
24 Hour Hot Lines (Labor Matters): 0082 - 10 9014 2224
0082 - 10 5188 8876

South Korea Embassy in Sri Lanka.
98 Dharmapala Mawatha,
Colombo - 07,
Sri Lanka.
Telephone: (94-11) 2699036 - 8
Fax: (94-11) 2672358, 2696699

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