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Jaffna Postal Code.

11:36 AM 10/13/2018

Jaffna postal code is 40000. this was assigned by the Sri Lanka postal department. This postal code should be used when you are sending mail or parcel to Jaffna.

In the mean time many villages and towns located in this Jaffna district don't have their own postal code. So if you are sending any mails or parcels to any of these places in the Jaffna district can write the same code. The Jaffna Post office staff will dispatch it to the relevant post office in quick time within the Jaffna District..

Take note, that the area phone code and the IDD code for this area is different from the given postal code.

Jaffna phone code is 021 to dial within Sri Lanka.
If you are calling from overseas as IDD then add 009421 followed by the Jaffna land line phone number.

There are NO mobile phone code for the hand phone that are being used in Jaffna.

District Postal Code
Allaipiddi *
Allaveddi *
Alvai *
Analaitivu *
Atchuveli *
Chankanai *
Chavakachcheri *
Chullipuram *
Chundikuli *
Chunnakam *
DelftWest *
Delft *
Eluvaitivu *
Erlalai *
llavalai *
Jaffna 40000
Kaitadi *
Kankesanthurai *
Karainagar *
Karaveddi *
Kayts *
Kodikamam *
Kokuvil *
Kondavil *
District Postal Code
Kopay *
Kudatanai *
Mallakam *
Manipay *
Mathagal *
Meesalai *
Mirusuvil *
Nagar Kovil *
Nainathivu *
Neervely *
Pandaterippu *
Point Pedro *
Pungudutivu *
Putur *
Sandilipay *
Sithankemy *
Tellippallai *
Thondamanaru *
Urumpirai *
Vaddukoddai *
Valvettithurai *
Vannarponnai *
Varany *
Vasavilan *
Velanai *

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.