Jaffna District Postal Code.

3:28 PM 4/30/2024

Jaffna District Postal Code helps to send postal mail and parcels to people living there.

Jaffna (யாழ்ப்பாணம்) Postal Code: 40000. (Zip Code)
IDD Land Line Phone Code Jaffna (யாழ்ப்பாணம்): 0094 21 (+9421)
Jaffna inland Telephone Code: 021 (Only for land Line)

The correct postal code should be used on them along with the receiver's address. In this year 2024, this city is well connected with other parts of the island. There is direct Express Train service from Colombo. In addition two flights services are operating from Bandaranayake International Airport and from Ratmalana Airport. Furthermore Luxury busses are operating between Jaffna and Colombo daily. Jaffna District is now well connected with land, Air and sea to other destinations including India.

Sending Parcels and packets through private carriers are now restricted by the Sri Lanka Government.
Check the latest announcement by the Sri Lanka Government regarding the parcels coming to locals from overseas.

Postal code which is also called as ZIP code in the USA is now available for many important cities and villages in Sri Lanka. Local postal codes are designed and maintained by the Sri Lanka postal department. Postal code (Zip) will enable quick and correct delivery of parcels and mails in time. So mark the code in the parcel or postal mail clearly with the person's address. If you don't know the correct Postal Code for the place leave the space blank. Otherwise with a wrong ZIP code it will take long days for the letter to reach the correct address. Postal code 40000 was assigned to Jaffna by the Sri Lanka postal department.

Many villages and towns located in this district have their own postal codes. So when you are sending any mail or parcel to places in this district can write their code. The Postal office staff will dispatch it to the relevant post office in quick time. You can get lot of services from the main post office. It includes Stamp sales, telegram, Telex, Fax, local and foreign parcel services, postal mail, trunk calls, Emails, local money transfers, saving accounts and many more services.

Take note that the phone codes and postal codes are used for different purposes.
Jaffna land line phone code is 021 within Sri Lanka.
If you are calling from overseas add 009421 (+9421) followed by the telephone number.
When you ar calling from USA: Dial 011 94 21
This phone code does not apply for the mobile phones that are operating in Srilanka.

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Here are the postal codes for the villages and towns in the Northern Province.
Some of them are still not allocated with their postal codes. Once they are available we will update them here.

Jaffna District in Northern Province

Place Name Postal Code
Allaipiddi 40048
Allaveddi 40120
Alvai 40635
Anaikoddai 40198
Analaitivu 40280
Araly 40221
Atchuveli 40150
Chankanai 40212
Chavakachcheri 40500
Chullipuram 40230
Chundikuli 40020
Chunnakam 40075
Delft West 40378
Delft 40370
Eluvaitivu 40275
Erialai 40080
Gurunagar N/A
Ilavalai 40108
Jaffna 40000
Kaitadi N/A
Kankesanthurai 40190
Karainagar 40250
Karaveddi 40520
Kayts 40270
Kodikamam 40700
Kokuvil 40060
Kondavil 40062
Kopay 40170
Kudatanai 40620
Mallakam 40142
Mandaitivu 40045
Manipay 40200
Mathagal 40110
Meesalai 40510
Mahiyampathy N/A
Mirusuvil 40750
Nagarkovil 40630
Nagendramadam 40223
Nainathivu 40360
Nallur N/A
Neervely 40165
Pandaterippu 40100
Point Pedro 40600
Puloly 40615
Pungudutivu 40330
Puttur 40158
Sandilipay 40098
Sangarathai 40225
Sithankerny 40229
Sivankovilady 40227
Thellippallai 40130
Thirunelvely -N/A
Thondamanaru 40545
Urumpirai 40180
Vaddukoddai 40220
Valvettithurai 40540
Vannarponnai -N/A
Varany 40640
Vasavilan 40145
Velanai 40300

Jaffna postal Code

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