Cleaning Smartphone Data.

Cleaning Smartphone data is an important task, if you are going to replace it with a new phone or going to provide the phone to another person. Cleaning your personal data can be done by you or by someone else under your supervision. You are ready to give your phone to another person? Or to dispose it, clean all the data inside of the phone and your SIM card and Eject and remove the memory card from it. Before removing the SIM card backup your contacts in the SIM card or make sure that is stored in the Google Drive. Also before Ejecting your DATA Card as a precaution save all the files in to the Google Drive. If everything is done perfectly give your Smartphone a factory reset by pressing the related buttons and actions.

Don't know to do factory resetting? You can contact a nearby communication center to do the task. Because each phones have its own setting to do the factory resetting.
If you are so afraid about handling your phone to another person, go through the phone's owner manual to do the task.

Insering a Memory card in a new phone.

Check the memory size and see in the manual if the size is acceptable one for your device.
Some devices won't accept large capacity SD memory cards.
First switch off the device.
Insert in to the device.
Switch on and see whether it is accepted by the device, continue with the installation by using the correct commands.
If the device it is a corrupted SD memory card, you have to format it.

You can format your phone's memory card to remove all the remaining photos and video clips. Now you can present your old Smartphone (or Tablet) to someone else, sell it or dump it. You must care about those data that you had saved in that device. Not only count for those visible data but also for those usernames and passwords, Files, video and images that you had deleted normally can't be recovered. Be warned, it is possible for people to recover those deleted data in Smartphone by using any of the recover software that are freely available in the internet.

So if you are planning to leave your Smartphone in another persons' hand, follow these steps before to give away.
Use your existing net work service providers' service to back up all your contacts and data.
Or use Google Dive or Cloud to store your important files.
It is very difficult to recover your data later, once you had left it with your device.

Make sure you got enough battery power to delete the data and it is better to get it plugged in to the power source as the process will take hours to clean the device.
If your operating system is Android,
First Eject your SD card from the device and insert a new SD card in to it.
Start the Data cleaning process.
First go to "Setting"
Then to "Security" to "Encrypt phone (Tablet)"

If your device operating system is Android 5.0 or higher version,
Go to settings to Security to Screen lock

Create a strong password which must look like this Peter@$568
In this process you will be asked to encrypt the SD card. It is not necessary as you can remove it from the device to use in your new device.
From the Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset there tap Reset phone.
The process will take more than an hour.
Remove the SD memory card.

Now your device is free without any of your data and no one can recover any data from it.
To make sure, bring in new large files and make the device storage (flash memory) to be full. Then delete all of those files.

Still worried?
Install the app iShredder to digitally "shred" the data.
Now you can feel free to give away the device.

Smart Cleaner.

Clean Master

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