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4:54 PM 11/7/2023

Call Japan or to make calls from Japan, go through these instructions. This information is useful for tourists, students, visitors, overseas workers and for business people who used to visit Japan. For example if you are calling from Sri Lanka, the call will be counted as an international call. To make a call From Colombo, Sri Lanka, first dial the 00 or + then dial the Japan's international phone code 81 then dial the city code number followed by the subscriber's phone number. In the meantime lot of people is using their Smartphone, Mobile Data Plan and Apps to make calls to Japan at low price. If both parties are friend and are in the same App, then it will cost only the Mobile Data plan charge. It is fraction of some Rupees. Japan Government is one of the close friends of Sri Lanka Government and Japan used to help Sri Lanka in many ways including financial support.

Japan IDD Country Code: 0081

Japan which is also known as Nippon is one of the richest countries in the world. Cost of living in the Japanese cities is very high. People here are well disciplined and well mannered. Most of the Japanese people can't speak or understand English, so if you are going to visit Japan get a Translation App in your Smartphone and it will help you to communicate with the local people. On the other hand Japan is popular for Volcano eruptions, Earth Quakes and its technology related products and transport vehicles such as Bullet trains, Cars, Motorcycles, Heavy moving Equipments and large ships. Meanwhile lot of calls used to originate between Si Lanka and Japan every day. Lot of Sri Lanka laborers are working in Japan and they used to call their homes here in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile lot of brand new and used cars and motorcycles are imported from Japan. This also makes the traders to place calls in between and Japan and Sri Lanka. Now a day’s lot of people is using the IM Apps that are installed in their Smartphones. These people rarely use land phone or mobile phones to make calls as they are very expensive in the office hours.So most of the people are using the WhatsApp call facility. In addition most of the Sri Lanka people used to buy SIM cards for their Smartphones once the arriva in Japan Airports.

For example if you are calling Kobe city in Japan then you have to dial like this 008178 followed by the phone.
When making an international call, don't use 0 in front of the city code or in front of the mobile phone number after dialing the international country code.
If you want to call Sri Lanka from Japan dial 0094, city code, followed by the subscriber's number.
To call Japan from the U.S.A you have to dial like this 0118178********** if the city is Kobe.
To Call USA from Japan start with 001 followed by the city code and the numbers
If you are calling Japan from another country or want to call Japan then check in this web and select the country and get the code number.
If you are using phone card to call Japan, then follow the phone card provider's instructions to get the maximum benefit of that phone card.
Making international from your land line or public phones to land lines will provide good quality sound with average call rate per minute.

While calling Japan, Land line to mobile phone calls and mobile phone to land line calls are expensive. If possible avoid calling from mobile phones to land lines as these calls may produce expensive call charges. International calls made through your Smartphone or PC using VoIP calls are very cheap than mobile phone calls and land line calls..

Sri Lanka Land Line Phone Directory. Here
In Sri Lanka there is NO mobile phone directory is available.

Mobile phone operators in Japan: NTT DoCoMo Inc, KDDI Corp, Softbank, eAccess and IP Mobile.
Capital City of Japan is Tokyo

Current Time in Japan

Check Japan public holidays here

Japan City Phone Codes.

City Code
Akita 188
Aomori 177
Chiba (Chiba) 472
Chita 562
Daito 720
Fuchu (Tokyo) 423
Fukuoka 92
Fukushima 24
Gifu 582
Ginowan 98
Gushikawa 98
Hiroshima 82
Imari 955
Kagoshima 992
Kanagawa 44
Kawasaki 44
Kobe 78
Kochi 888

Kyoto 75
Miyazaki 985
Nagasaki 958
Nagoya 52
Naha (Okinawa) 988
Niigata 25
Okayama 862
Osaka (Osaka) 66
Sapporo 11
Sasebo 956
Sendai 22
Tachikawa (Tk) 425
Tokyo 3
Toyota 565
Urasoe 98
Yokohama 45
Yokosuka 468

Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.

Consular Section - Tel: 03-3440-6915/6911/6912
Sri Lanka Embassy - Fax: 03-3440-6914
Minato ku Tokyo 108 0074

Honorary Consul-General for Sri Lanka in Osaka, Japan.

Shin Osaka Sky Heights Building 501
Address: 1-7-36 Nishi Miyahara,
Yodogawa ku,
Osaka 532-0004.
Telephone: 06-6391-8717
Fax: 06-6391-8737

Japan Embassy in Sri Lanka.

No. 20, Gregory's Road,
Colombo 07,
Sri Lanka.
Telephone: 2693831 - 3
Fax: 2698629

Call Japan

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.