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5:22 AM 11/11/2023

Call New Zealand from any part of the world using land line or Smartphone very easily with crystal clear sound reception on both sides. New Zealand is a sovereign island nation in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. This country is located near to Australia which can be reached by air and sea. It is a well developed nation in all sectors and it is considered as one of the developed nation in the world. English language is widely spoken here. It dominates in the dairy production, poultry and honey production too. On the technical side it is a well developed nation that produces its own tech Gadgets and most of them are exported worldwide. Lot of Sri Lanka born people had taken this country as their new home. Lot of calls originates between Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Mean while lot of Business calls too made from all over the world as this country is producing lot of export quality products. Meat products, Milk, cheese and other agricultural products are their main export products.

New Zealand have the best Telephone and mobile networks with best service to their citizen and to the visiting foreigners. This nation heavily depends on telephone and mobile phone data plan to communicate with the other parts of the world. During the international Cricket and Rugby matches lot of calls used to originate between Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Lately people are using their Smartphone's Apps to call their friends and relatives at low price. Calls through Smartphone and PC IM are popular as they used to provide low priced calls to and from New Zealand. In the meantime if you are visiting New Zealand it is a good idea to purchase a local SIM in that country.

New Zealand IDD Country Code is 0064 or +64
Area code in NZ– 1 digit
NZ Phone numbers – 7 digits

Area Codes, New Zealand.

Auckland 9
Invercargill 3
Rotorua 7
Christchurch 3
Napier 6
Tauranga 7
Dunedin 3
Nelson 3
Timaru 3
Hamilton 7
New Plymouth 6
Wellington 4
Howick 9
Palmeston North 6
Westport 3

Mobile Phone Carriers, New Zealand.

020 Orcon
021 Vodafone
022 2degrees
023 360 Mobile, Moblopia
027 Telecom New Zealand
0280 Compass Communications
0283 Teletraders MVNO
02885 M2 MVNO
029 TelstraClear

Current Time in New Zealand.

New Zealand Public Holidays here

Q: How to Call New Zealand form the U.S.A?
Dial 011, use the U.S exit code to be dialed first for all international calls made from the USA.
US to New Zealand international dialing format: 011 - 64 - * - *** ****

Q: How to Call New Zealand from Sri Lanka?
Dial 0064 followed by the city code and the customers' phone number.

Q: Free International Calling From Your Mobile VoipBuster offers FREE calls to New Zealand landlines
With VoipBuster you can call New Zealand landlines for FREE.

Q: Free calls to New Zealand.
Cherry Call is absolutely a free, at any time of the day, by using your inclusive mobile minutes or Mobile CAP minutes. For example, if you want to phone Auckland from Australia, first you need to dial 04242 15551 followed by 0011 + 64 + 9 and the local phone number. When you've finished talking just put the phone down in the usual way. To call free, click cherrycall

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Tourism New Zealand.

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Call New Zealand

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.