G.C.E and Grade 5 Results.

GCE A/L, GCE O/L and Grade 5 Scholarship examination Results for Sinhala, Tamil and English medium candidates can check through the official website of the Department of Examinations, in Sri Lanka. As these exams are held every year the results too will be published every year in the Internet.

Expected in 2019

GCE A/L Results.
GCE O/L Results. Now available in the Internet. 2019.
Grade 5 Results. There are rumors that the Grade 5 examination are expected to be discontinued from the coming year.

Check results online through www.doenets.lk

Check results online

Students who sat for the G.C.E O/L, G.C.E A/L and Grade 5 Scholarship Examination can check their results in the Srilanka examination department's official website. Also they can check their Results through their principal of their schools. Normally the school candidates' examination results will be provided to the principals to be released through their schools on the same day or by the next day.

Students can use the results checking facility to check their results through the official Sri Lanka Examination Departments' official website and through the Dialog service connected mobile phones by using their SMS facility.

Dialog Results Checking Facility.

Results will be sent through SMS to a Dialog connected mobile phone, if follow the given instructions.

  1. Select "Create Message" in a Dialog Connected mobile phone.
  2. Type "EXAMS" "Index Number" (Students; Exam Index number.)
  3. Send to the number 7777

You will get the results from the carrier Dialog without any delay.
Rs 2/- + local tax will be charged from your mobile account for this result checking service.

Online Results Checking facility for the CGE O/L, A/L and Grade 5 Scholarship students who had sat for the examinations recently can use this facility at any time of the day. Use your internet connected PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phablet or through Smartphone.

Around 500,000 students used to sit for the GCE O/L examination Island wide. This result will be considered for further higher education and counted as standard education tool for job applications in government and private sectors. Students will be required to have minimum results to continue their GCE A/L education which will also serve as the gateway for the Sri Lanka University entrance.

To check O/L, A/L or Grade 5 scholarship examination result in the official website, you must use the correct index number in the examination held year box.

The index number used to consists 8 digits and must not contain any alphabetic characters or symbols.

Check your examination results here. donets.lk

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.