Sri Lanka Visas.

6:30 AM 4/7/2024

Sri Lanka visas are required for some country visitiors to enter and stay on their holidays. The country has opened its door fully for the visiting holiday makers from around the world. As a new measure for the visiting guests and Tourists, they are not required to have vaccination certificates on their arrival and it is not necessary to wear face mask. They will be allowed to leave the Colombo Airport without any difficulties on their arrival. In the meantime Sri Lanka Government had increased the Airport Embarcation fee for the passengersto those who are departing Sri Lanka.

NOTE: Sri Lanka is offfering ON ARRIVAL VISAS for the visitiors at US$ 25 at the Colombo Airport. Visitors can contact the nearet Sri Lanka Consular Office and can obtain the required Entry Visa at US$ 20. Those who have lot of money to deposit in banks can obtain long term visas and Golden visas that allows the visitor to stay long period here. No visas are requested from the following country passport holders Maldives, the Seychelles, and Singapore. In addition passport holders of China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan will get free entry visas until 30.04.2024.

Entry visas are requested from the tourists at the Colombo and Matala airports from who are coming here on a short trip. Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles citizens are exempted from the visa requirements on their arrival. Passengers in Transit staying less than 48 hours are not required to have Sri Lanka visas.

Sri Lanka Visas are available at the LK Consular offices and through the online facility as Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). ETA can be obtained in the Sri Lanka Government websites which used to end with domain name. Sri Lanka ETA is valid for 30 days from the date of the arrival in to Sri Lanka. (It can be extended for up to six (06) months.) The online visa can be applied by an Individual, by a Group or through a third party.

Visitors from African countries like Guinea, Sierra Leone, Cameroon and Nigeria should contact the nearest Sri Lanka HC or consulates in order to obtain their ETA to visit or stay in transit in Sri Lanka.

For more information you can write or call nearest SriLanka Government mission or the Immigration LK. Many European country travel agents may provide the required information on the local visas. So give a call to your ticketing agent and get it from him.

Latest Information.
Tourists looking for on-arrival visa at the Bandaranaike International Airport can now pay their visa fees in five popular foreign currencies they like to use. On arrival visa may take little time. This message was published by the Ministry of Tourism Development and Christian Affairs recently.

Important Notice from the Sri Lanka Authorities:

"Notice is hereby given that the on line Business ETA facility is opened to potential applicants in addition to the existing facility of obtaining Business ETA from Sri Lanka Overseas Missions and the Head Office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo. When applying ETA by third parties, payments are to be made through the arrangement made in our website and obtain acknowledgement of ETA application. Any payments made to other websites or agencies are not valid to process a valid ETA. Therefore always ensure that the payments made by accessing to Sri Lanka ETA website and avoid making repayment at the port of entry to Sri Lanka. Visitors from Cameroon and Nigeria are requested to report to nearest Sri Lanka Overseas Missions in order to obtain ETA to arrive in Sri Lanka."

Sri Lanka Entry Visas

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.