How to Find a Sri Lanka person's phone number?

How to find a Sri Lanka person's phone number is searched through the internet. Normally USA, Canada, Australia and other developed countries, there are free and paid facilities to find a person's contact details. This service is provided regardless of which kind of land line or mobile phone they are using. Website based programs assist people to find out the required numbers within minutes, if you provide the person's correct information. In Sri Lanka there are three kinds of phone services available from the phone companies.
1. Land Lines.
2. Mobile phones.
3. CDMA Phones

In Sri Lanka there is no such paid service to find a person's phone number. Only SLT directory service is available and it is too free to search through. When you get a landline your personal name or company name will be published by the SLT. It will be available in the print version of the Telephone Directory book. The SLT used to provide these names and details theough their web based service in the internet. If you know the person's name then you can find his phone number and his address. Reverse phone number checking facility is not available in Sri Lanka for the public. For example you can't give the phone number and find the owner's name through these services.

Find a Person's Land Phone Number in Sri Lanka.

To find a person's land line number in Sri Lanka, Business contact, any Government position or working in any private organizations can be searched through the Sri Lanka telephone directory, if they have SLT phone numbers. There are three major Sri Lankan phone service provider's telephone directories available in printed book format. Also these phone directories are available online too.
SLT Business Directory
Personal Names.
LankaBell Directory.

How to Find a Sri Lanka person's mobile phone number?

There are no mobile phone users' directories available in Sri Lanka.
So there is no way to find it.

If you know the person's name you can check for his profile in the websites.

If he had registered his mobile phone number in any of the websites like Facebook, Google+ or any other social network websites, you can find it from there.
It is illegal for a company to provide a person's personal mobile phone number to others in Sri Lanka.
Like wise a common man is not allowed to hide his mobile phone number when he is making a call. It is an offense according to the Sri Lanka Law.

Many latest Cell phones have this hide the caller ID facility, but your carrier in Sri Lanka won't support it.

Yellowpages, Srilanka.
SLT Rainbow Pages Directory 2018/19

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.