SLT Hotline.

7:23 AM 8/23/2023

SLT hotline (Sri Lanka Telecom Hotline - SLTMobitel) phone number is 1212. Actually the SLT had changed its name as SLTMobitel Pvt Limited. Meanwhile, this phone number is popularly known as Telecom Hotline with the local people. This hot line is used to report, complain and to get information about the SLTMobitel services. Recently in Sri Lanka SLT and the Mobitel companies had merged in to a single company. In addition, they are offering services for Land lines, Internet (ADSL), PEO TV services and other IT related services to their customers. SLT is providing 24 hour customer care service to their clients through their Hotline lines and online chat facility. Complaint can be lodged in Sinhala, Tamil or English language to the Sri Lanka Telecom Hotline operator by selecting the desired language button through any digital phone. Also keep yout contact mobile phone number for them to contact by their agents from office from near to your home. If you want to visit any of the SLT offices personally, keep your face maskhandy as it may be mandatory to wear before entering that office. This hot line can be accessed from overseas including the USA, UK , EU and Australia.

To whom the SLT Hotline service is good?
SLTMobitel Hotline is good for those SLT customers and for those who are planning to get their service.

How to call SLT Hotline?

Dial 1212. (SLT land line customers get Free Call. and those calling through Mobile phone will need to pay for the call minutes.
Select your "Language" when requested, by pressing 1 , 2 or3.
Wait for the officer to respond.
If you have the Intternal number dial it. .
Keep your mobile phone number handy, as they will ask for it for to contact you.

SLT Hotline

SLT Lynked (Just like Zoom) will connect you securely with people from your home on any device. This service is good for education and Business purposes.
Telecom SLT eBill. View your eBILL in your registered email. Also they used to sent SMS alert on bills, received payments and bill summery. Register with them.
SLT Telecom provides the following services too: Smart Home, Online Store, CCTV, Storage and many other services.

Sri Lanka Telecom and Mobitel companies had merged together and they are now called as SLTMobitel. Their services are integrated through a single website.

What is Hotline?
Hotline is a service manned 24 hours a day by the staff of companies to contact them on their products faults, information and for lodging complaints about their products and service.
Does calling SLTMobitel or Sri Lanka Telecom Hotline cost any money?
SLT Telecom Hotline is free of charge if the call is originated from a Sri Lanka Telecom land line.
Meanwhile if you call SLT Hotline from a mobile phone, you will charged according to the call minutes.

Who invented the Hotline?
It includes Harvard professor Thomas Schelling. The first Hotline was made between Moscow and Washington during the Cuba crisis.

SLT Hotline: 1212 (Telecom Hotline) for Telephone fault, PEO TV and Internet failure.

  • When using the SLT Hotline of SLTMobitel Telecom for assistance, keep one mobile number when they ask for it for to send confirmation file number.
  • PEO TV Hotline: 1212
  • Reporting SLT Land Line problem: Dial 1212 > Select your Language > Once prompted press 2 and wait for the agent to contact you.
  • Internet, ADSL broadband service problems and assistance: 1212 (SLT Hot Line) when prompted press 3 and then 2 and wait for the agent to contact you.
  • National directory services dial: 1212
  • Once your complaint is registered you will get details via SMS to the provided mobile phone.
  • If you have Smartphone, Download and install their SLT Mobile App tro contact them.
  • Also it is good for to get information on Train, Bus, Cinema and Airline ticket details.

You can access this hotline from any fixed or mobile telephone where a call through SLT line is free while other mobile phone carriers will charge you for the call.

SMS to 0113121212 for,
Balance inquiry: Type BALANCE (Telephone No) (space) (Account Number) and send to the above number.
Report a fault: TELFAULT (space) (Telephone Number) and SMS it to 0113121212

When you are going to make a complaint, keep ready one mobile phone number with you. Technical staff will call back for to provide assistance.
Once your complaint is lodged you will get SMS to this phone number from the SLT Hotline operators with the complaint Number.

Sri Lanka Speaking Clock Service.

You can listen to the current LK Time once you call one of these phone numbers from any of the SLT landline.
Dial 1292 - to listen current time in Sinhala Language
1293 - Allow you to listen current time in Tamil Language
1294 - To listen exact time in English Language

You chat online with SLT customer service center.
(If you can't contact them through the Telecom Hotline)

Postal Contact Address:
Sri Lanka Telecom PLC,
Lotus Road, P.O Box 503,
Colombo 01,
Sri Lanka.

Telephone: +94 112 021 000
(Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm)
Email General:

SLT Customer Care 24x7 per day.
Telecom SLT Hotline Telephone: 1212
SLTMobitel Self Service: +94 112 12 12 12

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.