Vavuniya District Postal Code.

Vavuniya district postal codes are available here. If you want to send postal mail, Telegram or parcel to any of these villages just include 43000 as the postal code. Because these villages are not provided with their own postal codes which should be assigned by the Sri Lanka postal Department. Vavuniya is an agricultural region where farming and cattle breeding are important to this area. If you want to travel to Jaffna you have to pass this popular destination on the route. In this place there are many Hotels, Guest Houses and Restaurants are available for the visitors. Vavuniy can be reached by road and train from the Commercial Capital Colombo. Hundreds of luxuary busses used to go through Vavuniya while they are going to Jaffna or Colombo.

Vavuniya Phone Code: 24
IDD Code: 009424
Call Vavuniya from UK: 0094 24 followed by the land line phone number. If calling a mobile phone in Vavuniya 0094 then the mobile number shopuld be without 0 in the front.
Vavuniya Postal Code: 43000

District Postal Code
Akkarayankulam *
Cheddikulam *
Chemamadukkulam *
Elephant Pass *
Eluthumadduval *
Iranai lluppaikulam *
Iranaitiv *
lyakachchi *
Kanagarayankulam *
Kanavil *
Kandavalai *
Kavutharimunai *
Kilinochchi *
Mahakachchakodiya *
Mamaduwa *
Maraiyadithakulam *
Mulliyan *
Murasumoddai *
Nedunkemy *
Neriyakulam *
Omanthai *
Omanthai *
District Postal Code
Palamoddai *
Pallai *
Pallavarayankaddu *
Pampaimadu *
Paranthan *
Pavaikulam *
Periyathambanai *
Periyaulukkulam *
Purakari Nallur *
Ramanathapuram *
Sasthrikulankulam *
Sivapuram *
Skanthapuram *
Thalayadi *
Tharmapuram *
Uruthirapuram *
Vaddakachchi *
Vannerikkulam *
Varikkuttiyoor *
Vavuniya 43000
Veravil *
Vinayagapuram *

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.