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7:17 AM 2/26/2024

Call Ratnapur city that is in Sri Lanka. Yhis can be done with a Smartphone Mobile Data Plan is the easiest and cheapest way to contact people living there..
Ratnapura Area Land Phone Code: 045

Call Ratnapura land phone from a foreign country - IDD: 0094 45 + land line number.
Ratnapura postal code - ZIP code: 70000
When want to call a mobile phone from overseas don't use the front 0 of the mobile number in between.

  • Calling method from overseas. 0094 45 xxxxx (Ratnapura)
  • Ratnapura Town, don't have area code for mobile phones.
  • Colombo To Ratnapura distance 87 Km.
  • Nearest Airport: Hambantota Airport, BIA Colombo.

Actually Ratnapura is a small town in Sri Lanka that is very popular all over the world from the ancient times for its gem stones. The town is well known to the world from the ancient time. People can easily find rubies, and sapphires from the soil and rivers. Lot of tourists used to visit here to learn how the gems are mined, cut, polished and sold. Also this is the point to start your tours to Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Udawalawe National Park, Kitulgala, and to Adam's Peak. There are many Hotels and Guest houses available in this area.

Buy Gem Stones in Ratnapura.

If you want to buy a Gem stones in Ratnapura then visit Saviya Mawatha, 150 meters from the clock tower in the centre of Ratnapura city. Lot of small dealers, shops are available here. Lot of uncut precious and semi precious gems can be found here. Most of the American tourists don't miss this place as they want to know about local gem trade and are much interested in expensive stones. There are lot of jeweler's shops are available here. According to the Sri Lanka Law, uncut gem stones can't be exported or taken out of the country through the International Airports. To check the quality of any Gem stones that you want to buy, you can contact any of the International Gem Laboratories here. They can teat them and will provide certificate for those stones. They can check and give you certificate on your Gem stone at an affordable price. Be careful, there are many fake sellers wandering with fake stones with them. Some time they may operate in group.

Interesting places in Ratnapura.

  • Maha Saman Devale, Ratnapura
  • Ratnapura Gemmological Museum
  • National Museum, Ratnapura
  • Gnanasiha Tapowana Vihara
  • Pompakelle Forest Park
  • Katugas Falls
  • Kalthota Doowili Ella Falls
  • Rajanawa Ella
  • Saints Peter and Paul's Cathedral
  • Ratneswaram Sivan Kovil, Ratnapura

Hotels in Ratnapura.

  • Serene Villa,
  • Deshanee Reception Hall
  • Garland Caf'e
  • Travellers Halt Hotel
  • White House Holiday Resort
  • Blue Magpie Lodge
  • Sirigangula Holiday Resort
  • Thilini Tour Inn
  • Peak View Holiday Resort
  • Emerald HOTEL
  • Rajanawa Resort
  • Hotel Garland
  • Ratnaloka Tour Inns
  • Centauria Hill resort
  • Nectar Mount Resort
  • Sky Camping Lanka
  • Srilanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management,Ratnapura

Ratnapura Gem Stones

Last year, World's largest star sapphire cluster was found in a backyard in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Here

Sri Lanka's Largest Blue Sapphire was found in Ratnapura (2021) Here.

Ratnapura Gems Video.

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A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.