Writing Postal Address.

6:17 AM 5/6/2024

Correct way for Writing a Sri Lanka Postal Address in mails and parcels.

Sri Lanka Post

A properly written address of a person or company will make the mail or parcel to reach its destination faster. If the person is not there, the mail will be sent back to the sender with proper information. Here we are explaining you on how to write a postal mail address for quick and perfect delivery in time for a Sri Lanka address. Don't forget to affix the required amount of unused stamps on the postal mail cover. It is better to post in the post box located outside of your local post office. Or if it’s an overseas mail you can hand over to the stamp counter or follow the instructions given by the post office staff. In this year 2022 foreign mail and parcel stamp fees had been increased by the Sri Lanka Government.

There are many kinds of envelops available for you to select from. Yellow or white one is good for local posts while red and blue boarder marked envelops are good for overseas mail. On the front right side of the envelop write the person name with the correct suffix as Mr., Miss, Mrs., Messers, Ms, Rev, Father or other proper one of the receiver. If possible write the persons full name, then the house number followed by the street name in the same line. Then write down the Town or City name and the  Post office name along with its postal code.

Name of the Addressee,
House Number and Street Name,
Area Post  Office and its Post Code (Zip Code)

Here is a sample one.

Mr.S.David Brown,
63, East Drive Lane,
Colombo - 00600
Western Province,
Sri Lanka

You can write your name and address on the back of envelop with the heading “From”  in small letters. This will allow you to get the postal mail if returned back. No charge will apply for the returned postal mail, if it is returned back to the sender. If you didn't affix the required value stamps on the postal mail then the receiver will have to pay a fine when he receives the mail from the postman.

When you want to send a registered post on the left side of envelop write your address with "From". On the right side bottom write the receivers name and details. When you give it to the post office they will stick the registered post number on the top left and you have to stick required stamps on the right top side of the envelop. If everything is correct the post office staff will give you a receipt for the registered post. This is a proof of sending that mail and will help you to track the mails route too. If you don't affix proper amount of stamps the receiver will have to pay a small fine. Opened cover letter will need less value stamps than the closed envelop content stamp value.

In this year 2024 the tariff for the postal service in Sri Lanka had gone very high. So bear in mind to use the new stamp value when sending mails and parceld in the future.

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.