Dialog eZ Cash and Reload.

7:16 AM 9/6/2023

Dialog eZ Cash service allows you to send and receive money to Dialog mobile phone customers. from another Dialog Phone. (eZ Reload). The service is available to the Hutch mobile phone account holders too. To enjoy the benefits of Dialog.lk programs you will be required to register to the service. For this you have to use the proper code or link provided by Dialog mobile phone. Actually this system is functioning as a Smartphone system for the digital money users. it is safe to use at any transaction points in Sri Lanka.
Without being a member you can’t access those services from eZ Cash. This service is good for those who have Smartphone and Dialog eZ Cash App installed in it. There are plenty of mobile money transfer system available in Sri Lanka. Although the Dialog eZ Cash service is the leading one with the local people. Dialog.lk used to offer promotions for the EzCash users. Specially during the Holiday season in Sri Lanka. Currently to promote their eZCash program Dialog is offering many digital gifts for the eZ users. Also the limit too has been removed for withdrawls in this program.

eZ Cash now requires a contact with the Dialog.lk company. So you have to visit the nearest Dialog office with your valid driving license or NIC and create new account.
Dialog.lk eZ cash account can be terminated, if there is no access for certain period.
It is better to install the eZ Cash App in your Smartphone and activate it.
This account can be accessed through Laptop/Computer too.

How to eZ Reload for Dialog to Dialog?
For instance, you may want to send money to your beloved ones or best friends when they are not having enough money to make calls.
They can receive incoming calls as their account is active.

All the Dialog subscribers can send or receive credits to their mobile phone accounts. Dialog user will be charged only for the
SMS you send. No additional charges will be applied. (SMS charge will be Rs. 1/= + Taxes)
First you gave to Register your account with Dialog Carrier.
They will send a PIN number to you.
Keep it with you.

Type: “eZ” and SMS to 356.
Once you have sent this SMS, you will receive the following message: “Thank you for registering for eZ Reload. Your PIN is
[Default PIN]”

To Share Credit to any of your friends or relatives: Type: eZ <space> Amount <space> Receiver's No <space> PIN No and
SMS to 356. (You must have enough funds in your balance)
To Transfer: Type: eZ <space> Amount <space> Mobile No <space> PIN No and SMS to 356
Eg : Type eZ 200.00 0777123456 1234 (1234 - pin)and send to 356
Rs 200/- will be deducted from your mobile phone account and will be credited to that person's Dialog mobile phone account.

eZ Reload (Share Dialog Credit)

eZ Cash Classic Account.
Dial #111# on registration you'll get a classic account with an account limit of Rs 10,000/-

Power Account (Visit the nearest Dialog Center)
Register for or enhance your existing eZ Cash account Limit to an account limit of Rs. 50,000.00

eZ Cash. Sending Cash to Dialog Mobile Phone Account Holder is very easy.
eZ Cash is the easiest and quickest way to transfer money to a Dialog Mobile Phone owner.
Phone owner must have his account enabled to send and receive Cash through eZ Cash account.
Once you are a member with Dialog, then you will be given with a secret pin number.
Whenever you received money in your account, simply visit a nearby Dialog Agent.
Talk to him about the money you want to get through Dialog eZ Cash.
Just confirm the SMS with your Pin number and collect the cash after deducting the service commission.

Dialog eZ Cash.

Through the eZ Cash App you can transfer money to settle the following bills. Dialog Television, Dialog Home Broadband/CDMA, Dialog WIMAX, Lanka Bell, National Water Supply, Ceylon Electricity Board or Lanka Electricity Company. Also you can reload and topup your Dialog call minutes and Mobile Data Plan. For more information read here.
Installing and registering in the eZ Cash App in your smart phone. Video Instructions.

Tourists Plan - Dialog | Mobitel

eZ Reload Video.

Dialog Short Codes

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.