Call Jaffna.

Nallur Temple

Calls to Jaffna district and Jaffna town can be made from any where in the world through the land lines, mobile phones, CDMA phones, softphone, VoIP and satellite phones. Like wise calls to Sri Lanka and to any country can be made from Jaffna town. Jaffna is one of the important cities in Srilanka where the world famous Nallur Murugan Temple is located. Each year hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit here for the annual 25 days festival from all over the world. The phones in the Jaffna can be divided as land line, mobile phones, CDMA phones and PC phones. Land lines are provided by the SLT and the mobile phones are provided by Dialog, Airtel, Mobitel, Hutch and Etisalat and the CDMA phones are provided by SLT and the private companies.

PC phones can be used by any one having PC or laptop with internet connection or they can go to the near by net cafe or browsing center to use their PC for hourly rent. There are plenty of net cafe are functioning in and around Jaffna town.

To call one SLT phone line in Jaffna city from a foreign country, just dial 0094 21 222 **** and wait for the call to be answered. Where 0094 is Sri Lanka country code and 21 is Jaffna district area code and the phone numbers are with 222 and 4 digit numbers Like wise you have to use the number 21 as the area code of the CDMA phones. For to call a mobile phone or CDMA phone in Jaffna from another country, simply just dial 0094 and the subscriber's number with out the front number 0.

There may be some places in Jaffna don't have mobile phone coverage, so you may have difficulty in reaching your family's or friend's phone line from there.

CDMA phones too may have signal problem and phones with out enough charged battery power.

Government post offices also provide phone call services at cheaper rate in office hours on the normal working days. You can go and book there phone calls through the operator and can send and receive telegrams too.

Nallur FestivalThere are many communication centers in the Jaffna city that can provide PC to PC phone services, VoIP calls at cheaper rate for the Jaffna residents to make overseas calls in the day time. Hotels in Jaffna too offer cheap IDD calls to their guests in their rooms. It seems that many residents have broadband (ADSL) connections and latest PCs. So when you make a call to Jaffna, first ask them whether they have the IM like Skype, Google Talk, MSN or Yahoo. If they have get their user name and ask them to come online so you can make free calls to Jaffna with them using your PC or Smartphone.

There are plenty Wi-Fi hot spots available for you to use your Smartphone to make cheap internet calls in the Jaffna town. Some private homes have Wi-Fi enabled internet modems operated by the SLT broadband service, where you can get mobile internet connection if they offer you the password.

Some of the luxury buses running between Jaffna and Colombo city offer mobile broadband service free of charge for their bus passengers

Plenty of shops in Jaffna town are selling mobile phones and connections also they provide phone repair service too.

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.