Mobitel Balance and Reload.

5:40 AM 9/13/2023

Mobitel balance checking and reload information for the Sri Lanka mobile phone operator is available here. This Network is the popular mobile phone service provider for the Sri Lanka Government employees. In Sri Lanka most of the mobile phone companies including Mobitel are offering "Loan" plan to their customers when they are out of call minutes. This loan can be paid back later with the new reload.

Mobitel is now offering new SIM for Rs 300/- on the streets. If you buy them you have to activate it by calling their hotline. Othewise the SIM will not work for you. In case after activation, if the SIM is not working get your NIC and Electric bill and visit a Mobitel office to replace that SIM card.

Check Mobitel Balance: Dial *100# ( or SMS to 433 with the text “IDD BAL” )
Dial *100# from your mobile phone. (Mobitel SIM Card.)
Account balance will be sent as USSD message and one SMS will follow with your Data Balance details.

Balance Check for Mobitel Postpaid Customers.
To get Usage & Account Balance, free entitlement, billing date, due date & credit limit instantly on Postpaid.
Dial: #1456# Or
Dial IVR : 1456

Dialog Balance checking dial: *#456#
Airtel Balance checking: *555#
Hutch Balance checking dial: *344#
Star Points checking: #141#

All Network SIM Ownership Checking: Call: #132# for SIM Card Owner's Identity.

Obtain Mobitel Call Credit.
Short Code: #247#
Dial #247#(amount)# Amount can be Rs 25/-, Rs 50/-, Rs 75/- or Rs 100/-.
Dialog too offers Fee Rs 100/-Reload for each 7 days(Top Up) Only for Dialog Customers. #006# (Limited offer for "Isolated" area people only)

Recharge Mobitel account using Top up cards.

Call 141 and listen to the Voice recording
Now press 2
Enter your the 14 Digit PIN
Press the # Key
USSD Short Code Method.
Press *102*
Type 14 Digit PIN and then the # Key
Press the "OK" or "SEND" or "CALL" Button on the phone
SMS from your phone or USB Modem
SMS the 14 Digit PIN from your phone to 141

Mobitel Anytime Data Package. (To activate #170#)

Rs 29/- 297MB 3/Days
Rs 49/- 750MB 7/Days
Rs 99/- 1.5GB 21/Days
Rs 199/- 3.3GB 30/Days
Rs 299/- 5.2GB 30/Days

Recharging mobile Data?
Before to reload (recharge) money for Mobile Data plan, top up your mobile phone account with enough money and then top up Data Plan.
If the account had been deactivated then go to Mobitel office and ask them to activate the number.
Or follow their website Instructions ( to activate your account.
Once it is activated, reload Rs 100/- to the account and then reload money for the data plan.
Activate DATA through Mobitel Dial #170#

Reload - TOP UP - Mobitel Data.

Dial #170#
You can go to a Communication Center and reload Data plan as Rs 49/-, Rs 99/- and so on. (Make sure your account is active and have call balance in it)
Buy a scratch able Data reload card (Internet card) and call *102* Pin Number in Card or send SMS to 7678 with the message D99 (If Rs 99/- Card)
Or keep your card number in hand and call 141 and follow the instructions given by the Mobitel Company.

Mobitel Call Balance and Data Balance Checking.

  • Checking Prepaid Data Balance and Bundle Usage
  • Send SMS as “DB” to 7678
  • Or can Dial #170# and select “Balance query”.
  • SIM Ownership: USSD dial: #132# (Same code for Dialog, Airtel and Hutch)
  • Self Care Information: Dial #888#
  • Registration Information Dial *132#
  • Checking IDD Bundle / Tourist SIM
  • Balance Checking USSD code: *100#
  • Or SMS to 433 as “IDD BAL”

Mobitel Customer Care: 141 or 1717 or 0712755777

Sri Lanka Mobitel offers folllowing services.

Post Paid and Pre-Paid Mobile phone connection with Data plan.
International Roaming
Broadband Connection
Business Solutions
And Digital Services (Value Added Services) Such as
Games and Apps mHealth, mFax, mInsurance, mLearning, Music & videos, Networking & Fun, News, Religious / Astrology services and Ticket Reservation. For more information check their website.

Sri Lanka Codes.
Account balance Dial *#456#
Personnel Details Dial #132#
Other services Dial #678#
Active call waiting Dial *#43#
Active dialog miss call alert Dial **62*0777012012#
Star points: Dial #141#
Recharge (Reload) Dialog account: Dial *123* (Followed by recharge pin number)#

Mobitel App: Android Device Apple Device

Etisalat Calling Card

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.