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Viber Free calls.

Viber App offers free calls, free text messages sending and receiving facility, photo sharing, photo messages and location sharing with the other Viber users regardless of where they are staying now (Location sharing need acceptance). Don't think that this Viber service just another Skype like program. There is a big difference between Skype and the Viber program. Skype caller program needs members to be invited or accepted to make calls.

But with the Viber it just finds out who are using Viber program also it uses your phone book and the contacts list to find out them from your Smartphone and Tablet computer.

More than 140 million Viber users including Sri Lanka make calls, texting, and send photos worldwide - for free.
They continuously confirm that the service will offer following services for free.Viber

Calls with HD sound quality
Text and photo messaging
Advertisement free
And will be simple to use and always kept on.

To get good quality phone calls you must use your device through Wi-Fi or 3G network and there will be no annoying advertisements or charges from them (But you must pay for the data plan if necessary).

If your friend is not using your Viber call will be calculated as a normal call by your carrier. Ask your friend to install the Viber program and to activate the account with the received Access Code via SMS or to activate it through callback to activate Viber.

In some countries the VoIP service had been banned, so to use the Viber call program your Smartphone must have 3G access facilities or 4G LTE and take note Viber won't work with the 2G network.

There is no identification name (username) for you. It is just your phone number and for your friends their phone numbers will be the user name.

Here are some interesting questions.

Viber for PC, where can I get it?
Viber version for the PC is currently not available. This is a free call program made specially for Smartphone through their App.

How can I run Viber on my PC?
Viber can't be installed in a PC or laptop.
Once you had installed Viber, the Viber program must send one identification number for the Smartphone only and not for the PC or laptop. Or it will read the identification code only once, if you call back the service. The PC or Laptop can't get this identification number as the program may get confused and may collapse.

Viber script for the computer and laptop is expected to be under development. If we get any information on the Viber computer program, we will post it here.Although there are plenty web sites offer information on how to do it.

This free program can be installed from these pages according to your device.

iPhone 5 and iOS Android BlackBerry
Windows Phone Symbian Nokia


Viber is not working for you?
Check here whether your country allow to use this App.
blocked countries regions providers

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.