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Run Android Apps in Windows PC.

How to run Android Apps in your Windows PC or laptop? You are looking answers for this question, correct.

First of all your computer or the laptop is designed by the manufacture to run it with windows program which is far different from the mobile phone operating platform. So to run the Android Apps you must install the mobile phone platform - Android Emulator - first in your PC.

Here we found one program that can fulfill your wish.

YouWave for Android is now available for you to download and it will allow you to run Android apps with out any Smartphone.

This will allow you to run thousands of App that can be downloaded from online via app stores within youwave.

This youwave program is not only support the Windows PC user but also it supports the App designers to test their product before marketing it.

The Android on Windows PC program is easy to use, simple to install and run apps.

Technical features are as follows.

Youwave, Android Emulator and For Android Emulator Developers.

Android apps

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