Call France.

France International Phone Code: 0033

Call France or calling from France are easily don through Land lines, cell phones and through VoIP phones. Follow the given instructions for easy and cheap calls to France. This information will be useful to tourists, students, visitors, overseas workers and diplomats who used to visit there. If you are calling from Sri Lanka, this will be international call as France is another country. First dial the 00 or + then dial the France's international dial code 33 then dial the city code number followed by the subscribers number.

For example if you are calling Paris city in France then you have to dial 00331**********.

When dialing international number, don’t use 0 in front of the city code or in front of the mobile phone number after the international country code.

France phone number - 9 digits

If you want to call Sri Lanka from France dial 0094, city code, and the subscriber’s number.
To call France from the U.S.A you have to dial like this 011331********* if the city is Paris.
To Call USA from France start with 001 followed by the city code and the numbers

If you are calling France from another country or want to call France then check in this web and select the country and get the code number.
If you are using phone card to call France, then follow the phone card provider’s instructions.
Making international from your home phone or public phones will provide good quality sound with average call rate per minute.
International calls made from your PC using VoIP calls will be very cheap.
Making an overseas call through a mobile phone is expensive, while calling from any phone to mobile phone will also be an expensive one. To make foreign country calls if it is possible avoid calling from mobile phones and avoid calling mobile phones too as these calls may produce expensive call charges.

France is considered as one of the top tourist destination in the world.
Millions of people visit there to watch the Eiffel Tower and other important places in the Capital City Paris.
Also Dining in Paris is considered as the best thing which all people must not miss in their life.

France Online Phone Directories:
Mobile phones in France and their official number: Bouygyes France, SFR, Orange France.

Current Local Time in France

Check France public holidays for 2019 here

France cities and their phone code numbers

City Code
Le Havre235
City Code
St. Etienne477
St. Tropez494

Sri Lanka Embassy in France.

Address : No.16, rue Spontini,
75016 Paris,

Telephone : (00 33) 1 55 73 31 31

Fax : (00 33) 1 55 73 18 49

France Embassy in Sri Lanka.

Address : 89 Rosmead place,
Colombo 7,
P.O box 880,
Sri Lanka.

Telephone : 112 699 750 (ou 52) - 112 698 815

Fax : 112 699 039 - 112 677 374

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.