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Top 10 Tablet in USA.

Tablets are overtaking the PC usage worldwide and specially in the USA. Most of the young people prefer to use these tablets for personal and internet connected gaming facilities. They are perfect in viewing with HD quality and weight less to move with it easily through their homes without any interruption to their interacting with their video games.

According to many youngsters most of them prefer to get a tablet as present from their parents or relatives during the holiday season.

Here is the list of top 10 tablet models in the USA.

  1. iPad mini
  2. iPad Air
  3. iPad
  4. Microsoft Surface
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  6. Sony Xperia Z Tablets
  7. Google Nexus Tablets
  8. ASUS Tablets
  9. Lenovo Tablets
  10. NVIDIA Shield

Top selling Tablet Brands in Sri lanka.

  1. Samsung Tablet.
  2. Acer Tablet
  3. Apple Tablet
  4. Huawei Tablet
  5. Micromax Tablet
  6. Samsung Tablet
  7. Sony Tablet
  8. Zigo Tablet

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