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Sri Lanka new laws for helmet and bus drivers using cell phone.

Recently Sri Lanka passed two separate laws regarding the motor bicycle helmets the rider can use. The new law prohibits the use of tinted or dark colored visor on motor bicycle riders' helmet while they are driving in the country.

The police department said that many crook people hide their faces using these dark visors while they do bad things that are prohibited by law. The law comes to effect from November 2013. Mean while motor bicycle riders had been ordered not to use their mobile phone while they are riding as many people insert their mobile phone with incoming calls or out going calls between their helmet and ears, where the helmet act as a phone holder.

In the other law it is prohibited for the bus drivers to attend mobile phone calls or to dial while they are driving on the roads. Recently a mishap happened where a bus driver attending a phone call while driving a bus with passengers. The bus plunged to 300 feet steep as the bus driver was unable to control the bus and it resulted in heavy human death toll and injuries.


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