Sri Lanka ADSL - Broadband.

Broadband (ADSL) service is provided through the landline phone's connection in Sri Lanka. Thanks to the SLT network which also provides mobile broadband and many other services too. People use modem, routers, Wi-Fi routers and dongles to get connected to the internet.

Large number of users prefers to have SLT ADSL service as it is more affordable and provides fast internet connection.

To have your SLT ADSL, you must own one SLT provided telephone line and an account with them.
You can visit the nearest SLT office and to make a contract and have to select your desired package. Get your username. (First two letters will represent your area followed by your phone Get your password (Usually your phone number, if you like you can change it to desired one) Normally it will take 24 hours to get your ADSL to be activated.

You have to buy the following accessories (better from them), to get connected to the internet.

A modem or router with or without Wi-Fi (with desired number of connection ports),
one splitter (provides connection for phone line and ADSL line).
2 numbers of Short length telephone connection cables and DSL cable.
(Modem is cheaper, but every time you switch on, you have to feed your username and password.)
Go to this address through your browser to configure the service of the modem or the router.
(Username and Password normally admin)

SLT Hotline.

Your internet must connect now otherwise call Sri Lanka Telecom through 1212 and follow the language instruction to get assistance in Sinhala, Tamil or English. You can call this SLT Hotline for to report your home phone troubles too.

SLT Adsl 24 help line phone number is 1212.

When you want to contact SLT for assistance or to make a complaint,

  1. Keep your SLT phone number ready.
  2. Keep your area name like mount Lavania, Heavelock Town.
  3. Name of the person who have registered with them
  4. Your mobile phone number. (To contact you.)
  5. Once you placed your complaint you will get a SMS with the details.
  6. Keep note of the "Reference Number". You will need to give this number when you contact them back.

During the rainy season or if you are experiencing lightning and thunder, switch off and disconnect all the wires from the modem/router and PC to prevent lightening attacking your gadgets.

Some time you can't browse web pages but can get connected to the Skype service to make calls.

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.