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Snapchat Video Allows You to Zoom While Capturing.

There are thousands of IM in the App stores. From the day it was introduced the Snapchat App is outstanding from these ones and it became more popular with the young people of America. Recently they had introduced zooming while you are shooting a video clip. This feature is available through the latest Snapchat version 9.7.0 which is available in the iTunes website, Google Play website and other major OS websites.

How this zoom future can be used?

Go to Snapchat and start capturing video clip in your device.

While recording a video clip, drag up ward with a finger, and it will make your video to be zoomed in.

To zoom out just drag down wards with your finger and it will make your recording video to be zoomed out.

Sounds good, update for the new version and start your funny video shooting.


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