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Quick Response - QR Code.

You can find square images like this shown here, in the newspaper advertisements, bill boards, business cards and many other places. So what are these? For whom are these targeted at? Did you ever tried to find the answer?

Here are some facts about it.

It is called as QR code which means quick response code. This code is made for Smartphone, which can scan this image through it's camera and convert it in to text through an App. Most of the handsets are preloaded with this free QR Scanner.

If you saw any image like this in the advertisement just start your QR App in your phone, then order scan and hold the camera lens over the code. This action will you allow you to read the message there. It can be a web site URL, email of a company, phone number for to contact or can be that company's special short message.

If you are an advertiser or want to promote your business through this format, then there are 4 kinds of messages you can create with it.

  1. URL of your web site. Some generators used it to give shortest url too for you.
  2. Text message which can contain 250 characters.
  3. Your contact phone number.
  4. SMS Text message with 160 characters and phone number.

After generating the code you can print it in your business card or can put it along with your advertisements. Keep it as a small billboard at the entrance of your seminar hall where it can be visible for the people and to scan and read it through their gadget. So don't be left behind in this competitive business world. Get in to this code designing and keep with the world through the mobile marketing.

Code Reader and Scanner for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running with iOS 4.1 or latest.
Smartphone Quick Response - QR Code. QR - Code Reader Zxing Decoder Online
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