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Smartphone Battery Power.

7:43 AM 8/11/2016

How to make Your Smartphone Battery to Long Last.

Everyone used to have a Smartphone for their daily communication purpose. Most of them used to be re-charged on daily basis, as it is is used to work for long hours in a day. Some people used to have power banks with them to solve the battery power problem.
Here are some tips to make your Smartphone power to long last.
Charging your phone when your data plan or Wi-Fi is on, then the system will try to update the System and Apps as this will delay charging your device.

Staying in a place where there is mobile phone signal is low from your Carrier and it will make your phone to try to catch for it.
In this case switch it off and switch it on where there is good signal.

Some of your Apps may trying to update your current position to their server, and this can make your phones' battery to drain.

This is called as background activity of the Apps. Some of the Apps usually try to contact with their servers without your knowledge and you may think your phone is not having much work but in the background these Apps are updating your current location to provide you with the latest information when you use that App. This kind of action too will drain your battery. So go to your Apps and check which one is working in the background. If the App is not so important you can de-activate it. This kind of action will keep your battery for long hours.
Too bright screen can make your battery to drain.
Go to your brightness section and lower the brightness.

If Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is on, it can drain your battery.
When your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons are on, they will search for available hotspots near to it.

Lower the sound level of your Smartphone. This will save you lot of energy from the Battery.

Set up your camera auto flash to manual as using the flash will drain your battery.

When you are not expecting any calls or App action just click the Airplane Mode. It will save you lot of energy.
It will cut the carrier signal and the app actions.

When you need to replace your Smartphone battery?

If you need to charge your Smartphone more often,

If the battery becomes unusually warm during charge or usage,

Or if the phone battery discharges rapidly in a short time, you may need to replace your Smartphone battery with the factory recommended one.

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