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Mobile Phone Functions.

Call to Sri Lanka made through a mobile phone from U.S.A or call to USA made from Sri Lanka is little more expensive than making them through the land line when comparing the call charges. But you can make the call as a private one and can call from any desired place with others not listening to your phone conversation. It is better to have the latest Smartphone which is also called as 3G or 4G mobile phone.

They will allow you to make phone calls with VoIP, IM and Skype calls that can be placed through the internet connection using your WLan or Wi-Fi hotspot connection. With this connection if both parties have the Smartphone can make video calls and multi party conference calls too. But when you are going to buy a mobile phone the seller will give you the phone catalogue where you can find many words that may look Sanskrit to you. Most of the mobile phone users even don't know more than 25% of their phone's available facilities. So when you buy a new mobile phone or Smartphone read its owners manual 2 to 3 times and remember what kind of facilities that your phone have.

Here you can find some definitions that can be useful for you to know when you are going to buy a mobile phone or a Smartphone in Srilanka.

SMS Text messages.

All the mobile phones have the facility to send and receive SMS Text messages. (Short text messages) In most part of the world it is called as SMS and in America it is called as text messages. Normally you are allowed to send and receive 160 characters with out any trouble. Modern hand phones have the facility to send longer messages are sent as two or more messages. To send and receive SMS text messages, the correct message centre number must be stored in your mobile phone.

Normally, the service number is set by default through your SIM card from the mobile phone service provider.. To set the number manually in you mobile phone, select first the Menu > Messaging > Message settings > Text messages > Message centers > Add centre, and enter a name and the number from the service provider.

Multimedia messages. (MMS)

All the latest mobile phones are coming with MMS facility. Multimedia message is made to send and receive text, pictures, and sound or video clips. In the latest phone MMS also arrives in the common inbox with the SMS text messages. The appearance of one message may different form one device to other. Your career can limit the file size and some mobile phones can automatically resize the file to suite the required size. There are chances for you to have MMS with malicious software or may be harmful to your device or PC. To activate the multimedia messaging service (MMS), you must contact your mobile phone service provider. Also you will need to download the configuration settings.


A 3G cellular technology that uses the CDMA air interface is called as WCDMA .All GSM operators use HSPA for data, which is based on WCDMA and keep GSM for voice transfer. WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access).

Quad band, GSM 850/ 900/ 1800 /1900.

If any mobile phone has this quad-band, then it can work in most part of the world if the owner takes it with him while on travelling.

16M color Display.

16M color Display means 16m = 16,000,000 they are the number of colors the phone can support.
64k = 64,000
256k = 256,000

Full QWERTY key board.

You can type in your mobile phone like you type in your PC’s keyboard. QWERTY is taken from the first six keys of a standard keyboard.

3.2 MP Camera.

3.2-megapixel camera means you will get a clear photo than a 2.0 megapixel camera. More the megapixel size you get more quality photos from your camera. Pixel is called as that gives you dots of pixels in a photo. The more these pixels the more prefect clear pictures you will get. There are latest mobile phones coming with 8.5 Megapixel cameras too. But they are expensive.


Led Flash comes with all latest mobile phones. The LED flash gives light to capture images in the dark. If your object is within a meter then you have chance to get good photos. Many top model Smartphone comes with dual LED flash. The best Smartphone comes with 'Xenon' flash which is much got better illumination than the LED flash and they use less battery power to give you more talk time after taking pictures in the dark with these flashes.


The mobile phone will allow you to make video clips. These video clips can be edited in side of the mobile phone using the software facility. Many phones allow you to directly upload them to your social networking web sites like Myspace.

MP3, MP4.

Those mobile phones which are coming with MP3 and MP4 format will allow you transfer MP3 and MP4 files to and from your Smartphone, and will allow you to listen them using the mobile phone. Some latest mobile phones are coming with stereo sound with the built in speakers.

Stereo FM radio.

Most of the mobile phones come with radio reception facility. When you listen a radio station the incoming call will be allowed in all the mobile phones. To select a radio station you can go through the menu and you can reach the radio facility. There you can tune your desired FM radio station through auto or manual mode and can set all the available stations with different names or numbers. Normal phones require a head phone to listen the radio station and you can listen the radio station through the head phone or the single speaker of the phone. The head phone act as an antenna.

There are two speakers in the latest music mobile phones and they will allow you to listen to stereo FM stations in stereo or mono mode with out the help of head phones. In Sri Lanka there are plenty of Radio stations you can enjoy in Sinhala, Tamil and English language. Most of the FM radio stations offer 24 hour broadcasting service.

3G and 4G network.

The mobile phone can work with 3G networks where file downloading from the internet is very fast. If you have the facility for 4G then you can have very good video calls other than the available network facilities. In Sri Lanka there are 3G, 3.5G and 3.75G network service are available from different carriers.

Airplane Mode - Flight Mode.

Airplane Mode which is also called as Flight Mode is now available in most of the latest Smartphone. This will allow the user to make the Smartphone usable in a flight with out using the incoming call, out going call, and sending and receiving MMS and SMS text messages. The flier can use the Smartphone to play games, watch video movies, and take photos, videos and can listen music through the in built player.

In some of the Smartphone makes the radio reception, Bluetooth and LAN may function able while the phone is in the Airplane mode. Even some models allow you to write and save SMS messages to be sent at a later time.

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.