Intel Compute Stick.

Intel Compute Stick is 4" long and looks like a USB flash drive which is a breakthrough in th computer world. It won't cost you a million to own it. It is priced Just US$ 150 only and it is packed with 2 GB memory and 32 GB of storage facility and the operating system is windows 8.1. This is good for normal, everyday work on a computer like checking email, instant messaging, Web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, Microsoft Office, Quicken, and can do many other things. It is good for streaming music and video where it is perfect with YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu to played smoothly and flawlessly.

How to to work with it?

It is very simple, just plug it in the HDMI jack of any TV or monitor and give power supply to it, now you are ready with your computer.
There is a HDMI extension cord comes in the box to connect TV's which back panels don't fit a rigid plug like the Compute Stick.
Use a wired USB keyboard and mouse to set up your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Or use an Android app called Intel Remote Keyboard which will turn your Smartphone into a mouse and keyboard.

Intel Compute Stick

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