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Dual SIM and dual SIM standby phones.

Dual SIM mobile phones are now freely available in the market at very low price. So if you are going to buy a new mobile phone, think about buying a dual SIM mobile phone. Always dialing between networks is cheaper than making it from one network to another network mobile phone.

Currently there are two models of dual SIM mobile phones in the stores.

  1. Dual SIM mobile phone. You have place for two SIMs in side the mobile phone. But this will allow only one SIM to be active any time and you can make call and receive only from the selected SIM while the other connection will stay non active. If you want the other one to work, then you have to select the other one manually to work. So you will have only one working line in this model. - Nokia dual SIM phone C1.

  2. Dual SIM standby mobile phones. You can insert two SIM card connections in the available slots of these kinds of cell phones. Take care slots are numbered as 1 and 2 and the card in the number 1 will be taken as the main operator. This kind of handsets will allow both the SIMs to be active and both of them are ready to receive phone calls. Both lines can receive SMS and MMS messages with their number as 1 or 2. To make a call the number 1 will only available. If you want to change the main number to the secondary number as the main one then the phone will switch off automatically and will restart again. In the newer versions of the dual standby phones like Nokia C 2 or Nokia C2 - 03 it is not necessary to switch off and switch on to make the secondary SIM as the main one to make calls. - About Samsung C5212.

Asha 305 dual simHere you can find many cheap Chinese models that come with Dual SIM standby mode and with many other features. But they don't carry any guarantee like Nokia or Samsung. Nokia too had introduced its Dual SIM standby mobile phones recently in the market at affordable price.
Micromax to had introduced dual SIM - dual Standby cell phones X226+ at LKR 4,4990 and X228+ at LKR 5,990/- Most of the dual SIM cell phones offer 1.3MP - 3 MP camera, expandable memory, FM radio and many more important features.

Here in Colombo you can buy up to 5 number of SIM cards from any network at very low price or for free, if you can produce your National Identity card copy to the carrier agent. Foreigners who are visiting here too can get new connections by producing their valid passport. Take care to insert the SIM as shown in the mobile phone.

Some cellular phones allow you to replace the card with out switching off it. They can be inserted side wide.

Older versions need to switch off and then remove the battery to replace the cards.

Asha 308If you have don't have signal on the main connection you can change the phone to other one which may have powerful signal strength.

The disadvantage of the dual SIM stand by cell phone is that it needs frequent battery recharges. It can stay in the standby mode for two days. But if you make dial or receive incoming ones, then the battery will go down fast, which will need recharge in the same day. Most of the dual SIM phones don't use common SMS saving facility. If one of the SIM card is logged off then you can't view the SMS messages which you had received from that phone number. When you want to make the secondary number to be as the primary number some mobile phones allow it by just shaking the cell phone.

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.