Cloud Storage for Android and iOS Users.

Everyone likes to have their own place to keep their files, music and videos. For the iPhone and iPad users can get Apple's iCloud storage for $100 per year and an update of 10GB available for extra $20 yearly. Recently the iDrive started to offer 100GB of cloud storage to the iOS users through $0.99 in-app purchase per year after downloading the iDrive free App from the iTunes.

They offer similar cloud storage facility to the Android users for just $0.99 per year. This company used to offer 50GB of cloud for data backup purposes and 50GB for syncing which is now equal to both operating system users.

With this iDrive facility you can back up your mobile data including contacts, calendar, photos, videos and other files, and sync files across all their devices. If synced users can access files from other devices and users can share files and folders with anyone else through the App.

The iDrive app offers many security features including 256-bit AES encryption and optional private key encryption that allows the users only to access their data. There is facility to lock the App with a pass code and users can unlink any devices that had been lost or stolen.

Cloud App

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