Call Malaysia

Malaysia is one of South East Asia's well developed countries. It is easy to travel from here to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia and there are many branded companies that are offering jobs to people from all over the world. So there is a big demand for calls originating to Malaysia and calls made from Malaysia.

As Malaysia is good in the IT sector there are facilities to make low priced video calls and many other call features.
To call Malaysia from USA dial 011 60
To call Malaysia from Srilanka 0060
To call Sri Lanka from Malaysia 0060
From other countries simply dial 0060 and the city code and the desired phone number.

Current Local Time in Malaysia

Check Malaysia public holidays for 2019 here

CodeMobile Phone operators
CodeMobile Phone operators

Malaysia city code or area code for to make IDD phone calls.

Alor Setar+606 4
Beranang+606 3
Bintulu+606 8
Broga+606 3
Cheras+606 3
Dengkil+606 3
Ipoh+606 5
Johor Bahru+606 7
Johore (state)+606 7
Kajang+606 3
Kedah+606 4
Kelantan (state)+606 9
Kepala Batas+606 4
Kota Bharu+606 9
Kota Kinabalu+606 8
Kuala Lumpur+606 3
Kuala Terengganu+606 9
Kuantan+606 9
Kuching+606 8
Labuan+606 8
Machang+606 9
Maran+606 9
Melaka (state)+606 6
Miri+606 8
Muar+606 6
Negeri Sembilan (state)+606 6
Pahang+606 9
Penang (state)+606 4
Perak (state)+606 4
Perlis (state)+606 4
Port Dickson+606 6
Sabah (state)+606 8
Sandakan+606 8
Sarawak (state)+606 8
Selangor (state)+606 3
Semenyih+606 3
Seremban+606 6
Sibu+606 8
Sintok+606 4
Sri Aman+606 8
Sungei Besi+606 3
Sungei Renggam+606 3
Terengganu (state)+606 9

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.