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App enabled accessories are the big trend in the Smartphone and Tablet market. These accessories work with Smartphone and Tablets through the installed Apps. Well if you are worried about your health then buy the wristband that connects to your Smartphone or tablet through the specially designed App and tell you about the steps you had taken and how many calories you had burn through the day. Or if you set wakeup alarm then get these lights glowing at the same time. Want to control you home heating the product will lower or turn off your heater through this thermo control gadget and the Application.

Want to run a small battery powered car in side your home? Well get this car and the App your car can be controlled fro the Smartphone or Tablet from the installed app in your gadget. Connect your guitar to your phone and play it through the application.

There are more than 100 app enable accessories in the market to select and buy for your health and fun. They are durable and cheap.

Next time when you visit your App store check for these app enabled products and their apps to see whether they are good for you to control your home and gadgets along with time to pass and enjoy the fun that product can offer you.

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A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.