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Samsung Smartphone.

Samsung mobile phones are so popular in Sri Lanka and now it is capturing the market lead from the Nokia Company. Even though it is comes in the second place behind the Nokia in over all mobile phone sales their Smartphone are in the lead and are attracting the young people as these handsets functions and look alike the popular American iPhone models. These Smartphone are operating with the Android operating system and it is easy to work with it here and it is not difficult like Apple's iOS where always the iPhone and iPad owners become nervous whenever there is any update in iOS as it is not available here officially.

Also they are selling their popular tablet computer as
Galaxy Tab for LKR 75,000/-
Galaxy Tab 7+ for LKR 68,900/-
Galaxy Tab 8.9 for LKR 73,900/-

Latest release from Samsung as Smartphone in the market is
Samsung Galaxy S3 Also called as Samsung Galaxy SIII. So far Samsung has sold 20 million Galaxy III - Smartphone all over the world within the last 3 months only. In total they had sold 50 million Smartphone comparing to iPhone - 25 million handset. Further more Samsung is going to introduce Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Galaxy S III in the U.S.
Jelly Bean offers offline voice typing, auto arranging of icons, and a predictive keyboard.

You can find from LKR 97,000/- to LKR 115,000/- from different mobile phone carriers and dealers in Sri Lanka.

When you buy Samsung Galaxy S III, make sure you are buying a genuine product with one year guarantee.

Galaxy Series

Galaxy A5
LKR 44,200/-
Galaxy A7
LKR 61,000/-
Galaxy A8
LKR 75,000/-
Alpha G850Y
Galaxy Alpha
LKR 100,000/-
Galaxy ACE Nxt
LKR 12,250/-
Galaxy ACE
LKR 14,490/-
Galaxy Camera
LKR 752,990/-
Corby 2
Galaxy Corby 2
LKR 15,900/-
Core 2
Galaxy Core 2
LKR 17,000/-
Core Prime
Galaxy Core Prime
LKR 19,000/-
Grand Prime
Galaxy Grand Prime
LKR 30,000/-
Duos S
Galaxy Duos S
LKR 44,900/-
Galaxy Grand
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Grand 2
Galaxy Grand 2
LKR 47,990/-
Samsung J1
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Galaxy J2
LKR 20,599/-
Galaxy J5
LKR 30,249/-
Galaxy J5
LKR 34,499/-
Galaxy Music Duos
LKR 26,900/-
Pocket S5312
Galaxy Pocket - S5312
LKR 17,900/-
Galaxy Nexus
LKR 79,900/-
Galaxy Note
LKR 84,900/-
Note II
Galaxy  Note II
LKR 110,000/-
Note III
Galaxy Note III
LKR 67,000/-
Galaxy SII
LKR 74,900/-
Galaxy SIII
LKR 56,000/-
S 4
Galaxy S4
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Note 4 N910G
Galaxy Note 4 LTE
LKR 100,000/-
S 5
Galaxy S5
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S 6
Galaxy S6
LKR 82,500/-
S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
LKR 112,700/-
S7 Edge
Galaxy S7
LKR 118,000/-
Galaxy K Zoom
Galaxy K Zoom
LKR 72,700/-
Galaxy S+
LKR 53,900/-
Star S5282
Galaxy Star - S5282
LKR 14,900/-
Star 2
Galaxy S2
LKR 8,500/-
Galaxy Trend
LKR 19,000/-
Galaxy W
LKR 46,900/-
Galaxy Wave2
LKR 23,900/-
Galaxy Wave3
LKR 43,900/-
Galaxy Y
LKR 22,000/-
Y Duos
Galaxy Y Duos
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Y Pro
Galaxy Y Pro
LKR 25,900/-
Young S6312
Galaxy Young - S6312
LKR 22,900/-
Galaxy Y
LKR 14,000/-

Samsung Series

Samsung Rex
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Champ Dual
Galaxy Champ Dual
LKR 11,900/-
S 5222
Samsung S 5222
LKR 14,900/-
E 2252
Samsung E 2252
LKR 7,490/-
E 1205T
Samsung E 1205T
LKR 2,990/-
E 2202
Samsung E 2202
LKR 5,590/-
E 1282T
Samsung E 1282T
LKR 4,350/-
Champ Neo
Champ Neo
LKR 9,900/-
Pocket Neo
Pocket Neo
LKR 17,900/-

A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.