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Calling cards are popularly known as phone cards and IDD cards in Sri Lanka. They are sold as pre paid ones by the local telephone companies. These cards allow you to make calls within the country and to dial IDD calls from the available phone booths that are fitted on the road sides.

These cards are widely sold during the festive seasons as plenty people like to call their loving families to exchange seasonal greetings.

Many card sellers used to offer discount rates near to the X-mas and New Year season. Take note, these cards are valid for certain period only and will go null after the given days once it has been use to make a call.

You can find plenty of ways to pay for the calls you make to Sri Lanka. One of it is the use of phone cards. These cards serve only one purpose which is to allow the buyer to make calls but they are called with different names to attract the buyers. In Srilanka all the telephone service providers and mobile phone service providers (Carriers) are selling their own multipurpose cards for their customers and general public. They are meant for dialing local phone lines, IDD, chat, data plan card and Wi-Fi usage. These cards are scratch and use type, and good for one time use only. Once you had entered the code in to your phone and converted it in to cash then you can throw the card away. Call cards have prepaid money value in any desirable currency. And can be bought from telephone companies, kiosks and online web sites using your credit card.

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The pre paid IDD phone cards comes as the size of a credit card with magnetic bar or memory chip on it or with a secret number under the scratch-able aluminum paint coating on the card. You can buy them from US$ 5, 10, and 20 and so on.
Before you buy a card check it out for to see whether it is good for the destination that you are going to call. Some cards may be very good to call USA, and if you use it to call UK, it may be an expensive one and you will get less calling minutes thatn the USA. So you have to find out good one for this purpose of calling. Also you can ask your friends or relatives to recommend you a web site or a card company that will give you plenty of calling minutes for your cash. (We recommend you Norcey calling cards.)Calling Card

Normally these cards will charge you a high value for the first minute and it will become cheaper for the following minutes. So these types of cards should be used to talk continuously. If you are not willing to make the call continuously, then you must find another phone card that can suit your need.

In Sri Lanka you can buy these phone cards in phone arcades, phone shops and private communication centers too. You can see the "Buy Phone Cards here" sign in most of these places. Also there are some shops in major cities sale the Gold card which is not a card but they will provide a user name and password for you to call from your internet connected PC through VoIP.

Also there are data plan cards and tv cards available for sale from the vendors.

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A Note to you

Public holidays, Sundays and Poya days are the best time to make low priced calls to any part of the world from Sri Lanka through out the day and night.

International country code of Sri Lanka is +94 or 0094.